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Corporate Workshops | Individuals and Groups

MLO Creative Insights facilitates​ two types of workshops:

  • Self Review/Evaluations

  • Goal Identification

Gain easy access to personal insights for a deeply meaningful self-review and goals that spark enthusiasm.


Intentional Creativity coaching guides participants through a series of inquiries to identify strengths and challenges and to create a clear meaningful vision.



"I contacted Michelle because my year-end review was coming up for work and I struggle with self-evaluations. In our session, she showed me how to use visual inquiry to identify patterns and to discover those patterns that were helpful and those that had been making it difficult to meet my goals.


I was surprised at how easy the self-evaluation process was using this method. I was able to quickly and clearly identify changes that would help me to be happier and to thrive.


The biggest ah-ha came when Michelle asked me to think of how I wanted to feel when setting goals, rather than what I wanted to accomplish.


This laid a foundation that helped me to set goals for the next year that were personal to me and would have outcomes that I valued."

~ Emily T.

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