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Michelle Osborne


Using a process she refers to as intuitive design, Michelle Osborne creates powerful images that emerge from abstract backgrounds. Her paintings convey energy and emotion by combining the bold movement of abstract with playful and compelling scenes.


Michelle’s work is enjoyed by local and international collectors. She has been an associate artist at Proctor Art Gallery, a featured artist on the Tacoma Studio Tours, a participant in the UP with Arts Concert & Art series, a featured artist for Fashion Is Art!, and is an ongoing participant in the artist program at Cook’s Tavern in Tacoma.


Michelle continues to explore new ways to express and share the creative process and takes joy in sparking creativity in others.


As a Certified Intentional Creativity Coach, Michelle helps people to use visual inquiry and creativity to get in tune with their inner wisdom for guidance that energizes and inspires.


In acknowledgement of the lineage:

This work, Intentional Creativity®,  was developed by Shiloh Sophia – through the teachings she received from her teacher and mentor Sue Hoya Sellars through the lineage of Lenore Thomas Strauss and through Caron McCloud and Eden McCloud.

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