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Michelle Osborne

Michelle Osborne is a PNW artist based in Tacoma and Yelm, Washington.  Her work is enjoyed by local and international collectors.  She is an Associate Artist at Proctor Art Gallery in Tacoma, WA; a featured artist on the Tacoma Studio Tours; and a featured artist for Fashion Is Art!.


Michelle began as a self-taught artist, using painting as a way to meditate and tune into flow.  Through this daily practice, she developed an intuitive painting style where images emerged from colorful abstracts.  


In 2020, Michelle trained to become an Intentional Creativity Coach and began adding intention and inquiry to her creative process.  The result, her current style, is best described as Medicine Painting.


As a creative channel, Michelle creates paintings through which meaning and movement emerge, translating the energy of flow into layered stories rich in character and meaning.


Michelle finds enjoys sparking creativity in others and offers workshops to all skill levels.


In acknowledgement of the lineage:

This work, Intentional Creativity®,  was developed by Shiloh Sophia – through the teachings she received from her teacher and mentor Sue Hoya Sellars through the lineage of Lenore Thomas Strauss and through Caron McCloud and Eden McCloud.

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