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Welcome to MLO Creative Insights!

Discover a world where intention and flow create paintings that come to life with transformation and integration.

Through her art, Michelle channels the essence of movement and meaning, creating layered stories that are rich in character and emotion.

Join us on this artistic journey.  

Explore the energy of flow.

Be Inspired to unleash your own creativity by participating in our engaging workshops for all skill levels.



"I really enjoyed the sessions with Michelle. Apart from creating a warm atmosphere and an element of meditation/fun with the art, Michelle was amazingly insightful in noticing patterns and connections that were helpful to me in gathering a deeper understanding i.e. the broken coffee carafe and gardening.


Having someone see and point out reoccurring images and motifs made me see things in a different light and feel more proactive and curious, rather than restrictive and anxious. They were both fun and insightful."

~ Heather F.

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